The Art and Science Of Mixing Watercolors

brown and black makeup brushes

One of the most important aspects of watercolour painting is the sense of colour. Some people have an inborn talent for discerning colours. Most of us don’t have that innate gift and have to learn them from scratch. Happily, it is one talent that can be studied and mastered. In watercolour painting, mixing colours has […]

Creating Textures In Watercolour

Creating textures in any visual art gives the art excitement, movement, and variety. Somehow an otherwise drab-looking artwork comes alive when textures and texture contrasts are incorporated into the painting. Aside from that, depths and shades are better executed, monotony is removed, and interests are sparked. There are combinations and variants in creating texture some […]

Common Mistakes In Watercolour Drawing You Should Avoid

birds eye view of a flying bird over a large body of water

Almost all artists learned first and then studied later. From the greatest to the least, every one of them practised and learned with very little guidance if any. Along the way though, without exception, mistakes are made and as realization ultimately comes, are corrected. The following is a compilation of the most common mistakes in […]

Mixing Colors

orange and green leaves on white wall

Watercolour out of the tube or the pan is at its full paintable strength. Seldom will it be used in that manner except when the design calls for it? However, the use of full-strength colour is by large discouraged due to bronzing when watercolour is applied to the paper dries. Diluting and mixing colour pigments […]

Understanding The Basics of Watercolour

Whether a natural artist or not, there are always rules to follow first. Mastery of the rules allows us to break them with wonderful results but that will come later. It all starts with the basics. In watercolour as with any other discipline, there are several techniques to be learned first. Mastering the techniques will […]

Beyond Watercolor Techniques

green and red fruit painting

Watercolours are used in which pigments suspended in a gum-Arabic solution are applied to a surface with the use of a brush and water. Water is used as a medium for pointing to bind the pigments. It started out in ancient times. Watercolour techniques have been improved throughout these past few years. The following are […]