Light Sources in Painting

In the real world, the light comes from one main direction. This is the rule. Even if you are outdoors, the light from the sun comes at you from East to West. Depending on where you are during the day will determine where the shadows are. This is the same with painting. You must always […]

Colour Your World

What has always fascinated me about paints is how you can blend them to create new colours. I have sat for hours with my palette and created many different colours all from three basic, primary colours. To me, it was like opening a present to see what would happen if this colour was blended with […]

How to Choose Your Brushes?

selective focus photography of paint brushes in clear glass jar

You cannot do very much painting without a brush. Although some people would argue with that statement, for now, we will assume you will be using a standard artist’s brush. There are as many brushes on the market as there are paints. Some are made better than others. Do not fall under the misconception that […]

Better Understanding of Paints

mixed paints in a plate

There are two types of paints which work well on canvas. One is oil and the other is acrylic. You need to choose which painting medium you will be using. Some people prefer oils to acrylics. There are several differences between the two paints. The oil can take days to dry completely. This allows the […]

Painting Basics & Terminologies You Need to Know

People have been expressing themselves through painting for thousands of years. Even the cavemen showed great hunts or other events with paints made from berries and plants. There just seems to be an innate need to show others our thoughts, feelings, and ideas through pictures. The phrase “ A picture is worth a thousand words” […]